Notes on Creativity: Listening to the Inner Child

Young children have more time in which they are untroubled than adults. They have therefore more inspirations than adults. The moments of inspiration added together make what we refer to as sensibility — defined in the dictionary as “response to higher feelings.” The development of sensibility is the most important thing for children and adults … Continue reading Notes on Creativity: Listening to the Inner Child

A Profound Disquiet: The Work of Pamela Colman Smith

I'm grateful to Toni-Ann La-Crette for drawing my attention to the illustrator of these images. Like many people, I was familiar with this well-known tarot pack, but oblivious to its creator Pamela Colman Smith. This is partly because the pack has long been known as the Rider-Waite Deck, named after  Golden Dawn scholar AE Waite. … Continue reading A Profound Disquiet: The Work of Pamela Colman Smith

Women Artists: A Celebration

Currently helping to curate, and exhibiting in this new exhibition by members of the Women’s Arts Association.   Participating artists (40 in all), have chosen an inspirational woman artist and made work in response. The resulting selection of work is rich and eclectic, incorporating pieces such as a wire and fabric sculpture (in response to … Continue reading Women Artists: A Celebration

Women’s Arts Association Autumn Exhibition


The Women’s Arts Association has had a very successful show of associate members’ work at Llanover Hall in Cardiff.  “How I see It …” fitted nicely with Llanover Hall’s educative functions by asking women makers to create an original work inspired by a woman artist.


The opening, with readings by Toni-Ann La Crette, was enthusiastically attended, and groups from schools and of women had the opportunity to see the art but also see the women’s art that had been the inspiration – a good thing to demonstrate and take with them.


On the left (from l to r), there is Rose Davies’ printed fabric piece inspired by Kathe Kollwitz, Dilys Jackson’s sculpture inspired by a Barbara Hepworth piece, Georgina Peach mobile inspired by Louis Bourgeois,  who painting also inspired Rebecca Croxford’s triptych, and Sue Roberts inspired by Marlene Dumas.  On the right, Bee Bennett’s landscape inspired by Joan Eardley, Dianne…

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