In the Spirit of Fluxus, Dither

Fluxus began in the 1960s with the work of a community of artists, composers, designers and poets. Their interdisciplinary experimental approaches to performance renounced traditional forms in favour of celebrating the mundane and immediate. Fluxus works are often presented as event scores. These are short instructions that can be followed and realised as performance or action.

At the beginning of 2019 newCELF released a call for works for event scores written in 2019 that followed in the Fluxus tradition. Poets, artists, composers and designers from around the world have submitted, from those who originated the tradition to those entirely new to Fluxus.

John Rea and I submitted the event score Dither, which was performed in Le Pub in Newport:


1 performer, 1 turntable, selection of easy-listening records, an audience.

  • place record on mat. Turn on and place arm at random.
  • dither for 14.33 seconds
  • audience member changes record and places arm at random.
  • repeat until all audience members have changed a record.


– Sarah Featherstone and John Rea, 2019

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