Writing as Art/Art as Writing

Here are some of my asemic experiments. I often use asemic writing as a way in to abstract works. I create a mysterious script that transcends semantics. It is like a complex future language, a child’s first attempts at writing, an ancient script or an undecipherable code.

Asemic works place the viewer somewhere between reading and looking. The viewer becomes a co-creator in the sense that they decide how to translate and explore the scripts.

                                  Asemic Experiments

At the beginning of one of my large abstract works, I ‘write’ over the canvas field with viscous paint that will dry to form a textured, slightly raised layer. I then work over and around it with many different mediums until the piece reaches a state of completion.


3 thoughts on “Writing as Art/Art as Writing

  1. Hi Sarah, This looks like really interesting work, but I can’t connect to the page. Has something gone wrong with the link? Jenny x

    On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 8:26 PM Sarah J Featherstone wrote:

    > sarahjfeatherstone posted: “Here are a series of images from my asemic > writing experiments. I have often used mysterious, unknown alphabets and > unreadable glyphs as portals into a work. Now I am allowing them be the > work. The viewer becomes a co-creator in the sense that they decid” >

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