The Weaving Tree

An exciting new community project coming to Wales Millennium Centre this spring.

The Weaving Tree project will be an installation made from natural materials woven into the size of a real tree. It will be situated in the Glanfa area of the Wales Millennium Centre. 

The tree will be created by the talented Flow Maugran. a trained percussionist tutor specialising in West-African rhythms, and a maker-designer of clothes and accessories. See her amazing work here:

A selection of artists, including myself, will be running workshops for all ages to create amazing and varied ‘fruits’ to hang on the tree. There will be printing, photography, felt, music and storytelling, and much more. We feel that this is much needed at this time, especially for families currently educating at home, trying to juggle work and keep well in isolation.

The tree is about representing ancestors and family, including The World Family – all people from around the world. It emphasises how places are made by and enriched by people from many cultures and backgrounds, and is to encourage everyone to take part or visit (when possible), to be uplifted and inspired.

Flow has been inspired by the baobab tree that grows in mainland Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. Flow remembers seeing a few during her travels. She says,

“It’s truly an experience to stand next to this type of tree (Senegal, The Gambia). Their shapes and the tales that I have heard/read are a wonder. Traditionally djalis (historians telling tales of ancestors or specific events from the past) were buried in them for the tree to keep passing on the knowledge to the next generation. The practice isn’t done anymore but I believe knowledge is never truly lost.”

Initially, because of the current lockdown, we will be scheduling some live online workshops.

Here is a link to the live workshops in Wales Millennium Centre.

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