New Commission: Photo Poems for NHS Staff

I have been commissioned by Arts Council Wales to create a short video of a creative activity for NHS staff, to be uploaded to their Creative Cwtsh website. I am particularly pleased to be able to do this, having trained as a nurse back in the 90’s, and also having accessed healthcare during lockdown. I could see what a strain the pandemic has had on an already stretched service, and am so grateful to the staff who have carried on supporting people throughout it all.

The Cultural Cwtsh is a bespoke online wellbeing resource for staff working in the NHS and Social Care sector in Wales. My presentation will be about creating stories from photos taken on mobile phones. I will be collaborating again with Marcus and Nick of Redbrck Productions.

Harnessing the power of the arts to contribute positively to our nation’s health and wellbeing is central to our mission and an important priority for the Arts Council of Wales. It has gained particular momentum throughout the pandemic, as more people and communities across Wales have turned to creative activities as an important source of enjoyment, connection, solace and meaning.

– Arts Council Of Wales

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