Ancestree – Creative Writing Workshops

From Monday to Wednesday, I’m going to be running creative writing workshops with Flow Maugran, the creator of Ancestree, an incredible four-storey crochet tree installation in Glanfa foyer at Wales Millennium Centre. The workshops are free and drop-in – see here for more info – no need to book.

Ancestree was the centrepiece during the Your Voice exhibition that showcased local artists’ artwork created during lockdown. The installation was inspired by baobab trees, and made by hand using crochet techniques and natural sisal rope.

As its name suggests, Ancestree honours ancestors and traditions. So for these workshops feel free to bring a picture of a favourite person or a place, or an item that helps you recall a cherished memory, to inspire your writing.

On Friday 25 February, storyteller Cath Little, will bring to life the stories and poems created at the workshops throughout the week.

These workshops are suitable for everyone age 7+ of all abilities. Come along and take part in interactive activities that will help spark and develop your ideas, whether that’s through short stories or poetry.

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