Fabulous Animal – Week II

Six online somatic sessions as a beginning to the creation of a new performance work by Zosia Jo of Joon Dance. This follows on from Zosia’s amazing 2019/20 solo research project, Fabulous Animal.

moving in space, noticing the ground beneath you, what is it you see/feel/need?

my tail unfurling is lavish, carnivalesque, insisting that I shimmy through space – shake it!

my wings out-stretched, my horns of bark and bone …shapeshifting

how do they allow you to move, to hold yourself? how do they interact?

my wings expand, take up space

a cat rides between my shoulder blades… i am lifted

go where the breath takes you

explore your habitat, resolve your animal dance

concrete breaks apart as my feet touch down

i dig through rubble searching for narratives in the layers

stories coalesce out of dust…i gather them in

breathe and remember…remember and breathe

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