Six online somatic sessions as a beginning to the creation of a new performance work by Zosia Jo of Joon Dance. This follows on from Zosia’s amazing 2019/20 solo research project, Fabulous Animal.

the closer to the ground/sea level you are/the slower time goes

mapping the landscape of the body and emotions as a drawing practice/ visualising animal characteristics/integrating/immersing/exploring how these might lift/support/deepen practice/life

marking out movement on a surface/a series of intersections/embodying stories the body wants to tell/ imaginal/asemic writing/not concerned with semantic content/dynamic of lines as departure point/draw-writing/mark-making to connect to lived experience/sense-making/as with children

today no tail/then multiple tails like the Kitsune from Japanese mythology/i realise that though tail may not appear present/there are multiple versions that i can draw upon depending on what required at different times/sometimes for balance like an extra leg/sometimes to take risks/rising upwards out of comfort zone/this is a good insight (as last session)/like discovering an extra sense to explore/understand the world

my horns/antlers are regal today/expanding outwards/yet not heavy/there is an expansive feeling like looking out to sea

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