Bodies of Work

Some of the people who have attended my Art for Wellbeing classes over the years have a unique and idiosyncratic style. Over terms of weekly attendance, they determinedly pursue their vision to the exclusion of all suggestions and themes offered by me, or influences of others attending. In doing so, an important collection of work emerges that often reflects their everyday experiences of living as a ‘neurodiverse’ person in a society that has historically only valued those with “neurotypical” brains.

One artist, D, always uses the same mediums: biro and coloured pencil or felt pen, occasionally paint. His work usually features elements from cities he has inhabited, as well as depictions of the interior of institutions he has stayed in at various times in his life. There is often a lone figure situated inside an empty interior. Other regular features are members of the American New Wave band, Ten Ten and sometimes carers who bring him to sessions. I admire his singular ability to capture experience in a raw, unfiltered way.

I am hoping to be able to arrange an exhibition of this collection of work in Llanover Hall this year.

American Civil War
Drug Raid in Canton

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