Paying Attention: Art in the Landscape

The pathfinder doesn’t just collect, but accepts, what the world has to offer because he is paying acute attention to everything. 

Tim Ingold

A collage of observations/observances in the landscape on our walk in Merthyr Mawr.

Moving through a landscape, the body inscribes a path, traces an evolving line. The body also gathers to itself the residues (both material and experiential) of the places passed through. These parallel traces of the walk can be used to communicate that walk; the line and residues can both be seen as the indices, or direct imprints of person and place.

If an artwork could be used to recapitulate a pathway through the world, it is in some sense a map.

Aileen Harvey

the return

clarity of air and sound after months in the city: emergence

spaces between trees, the twist and dance

thickenings and conjoinings, embraces

reciprocation, observing and being observed

profusion. diversity. embodiment

dwelling in place, in self

creepers looping ferns sprouting moss absorbing

a glove in the fork of a tree: vestiges, absences, traces

neg a tive space

a step ahead, beneath: a sensing, rongomātau

stories. roots. language. connection, a mythology of place

footprints, stick holes, dog prints, rabbit fur, feathers, fag ends and crushed cans

boot marks on stone: crossing places, portals

placements and displacements, remnants, ravages

placings of bone: observances reclaimed

in the woods, chaffinches, bilberries on the dunes

oystercatchers, curlew and turnstone on the shore

the taste of gorse flowers, the pliancy of hazel, kins, buds and drops

dod yn ôl at fy nghoed. an awakening, a return

 Rongomātau - an Indigenous-Māori word meaning ‘sensing the knowing’. 
dod yn ôl at fy nghoed - Welsh phrase meaning "to return to a balanced state of mind", literally means "to return to my trees".


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