Celebrating Poly Styrene

Poly Styrene was an icon and visionary. Of Anglo-Somali heritage, she was the first woman of colour to front a successful rock band, and was a key inspiration for the riot grrrl and Afropunk movements in Britain. Her sparse, potent lyrics still resound today. The documentary Poly Styrene: I Am a ClichĂ©,features unseen archive material … Continue reading Celebrating Poly Styrene

Exhibition: Pioneering Abstract Artists

The exhibition Surface Work (11 April - 16 June 2018 at the Victoria Miro, Mayfair) was a rich feast, with abstract work by more than 50 artists, all women, from five continents, spanning every decade between 1918 and 2018. I knew of some of the artists who have "shaped and transformed, and continue to influence … Continue reading Exhibition: Pioneering Abstract Artists