Resilience: Spring Show

I’m pleased to be exhibiting a mixed media piece in Cardiff MADE Gallery’s Spring exhibition. EXHIBITION runs from 06/05/23 – 04/06/23.Preview evening is on the Friday 5th May, 6-8pm  to which artists, guests and collectors are invited to attend.

Portrait of the Artist

I’ve got an article on the media platform Wales Arts Review in which I reflect on my creative journey, from arriving in Cardiff in the nineties as a student nurse, to becoming an art facilitator with all the highs and lows of freelance life. Founded in March 2012, Wales Arts Review is a media platform where … More Portrait of the Artist

Criw Celf Workshops

Two workshops for Criw Celf over the Easter holidays: Fantastic Maps in St Vincent Community Centre, Ely, and Windows in Oasis Refugee Centre, Splott. A2: Criw Celf is funded by the Arts Council of Wales and is managed by the Arts Active Trust, working in partnership with arts organisations, galleries and colleges in Merthyr Tydfil, … More Criw Celf Workshops

Business as Usual? Post Apocalyptic Sculptures

Like scavengers extracting sustenance out of the discarded remains of capitalism, we sift through the flotsam and jetsam washed up by the winter storms. Much of it has been in the water for a long time. It has been reconfigured, eaten away, oxidised, twisted, battered and crushed on its elemental journey. It is edifying, this … More Business as Usual? Post Apocalyptic Sculptures

Paying Attention: Art in the Landscape

The pathfinder doesn’t just collect, but accepts, what the world has to offer because he is paying acute attention to everything.  Tim Ingold A collage of observations/observances in the landscape on our walk in Merthyr Mawr. Moving through a landscape, the body inscribes a path, traces an evolving line. The body also gathers to itself … More Paying Attention: Art in the Landscape

Creating the Self Anew: The Art of Journalling

“Through reflecting on the concrete reality of our immediate experience, and through giving voice to our perceptions, intuitions, and “felt-sense” of things, we create ourselves anew”. – Marlene A. Schiwy from: Taking Things Personally: Women, Journal Writing, and Self-Creation As the new year gets underway, I find myself wondering what to do with the collection … More Creating the Self Anew: The Art of Journalling