Children’s Art and Printmaking

I run various 2 hour art sessions for children, listed below. Contact me for more details, or to book. Six week after-school courses begin in September, or check here for upcoming courses.

Courses are a chance to gain a greater understanding of art while building confidence in drawing and painting and trying out other creative techniques with other children. All materials provided.


Cyanotype or Sunprints


Cyanotype or sun printing is a form of camera-less photography that requires treated paper, objects, the sun or a UV light source indoors, and water to produce a cyan-blue print. Objects such as leaves, feathers, buttons etc. are arranged on the paper, exposed under UV light for a few minutes and washed in water. Beautiful, fascinating compositions emerge like magic.




Styrofoam plates, textures and organic matter such as leaves are used, and children get to roller and experiment with different coloured, water-based ink, creating as many designs as they like.



Image result for childrens collageCollage, in its simplest form, is the gluing of materials to a flat surface. This art form gives children the opportunity to make decisions about which materials to use for their composition idea, looking at textures, forms and colour until they are satisfied with their arrangement.



Image result for childrens paintingsGaining confidence in drawing and painting can really help children in becoming more confident and creative in their thinking in everyday life. This course gives them the opportunity to experiment with mixing colours, brushwork and lots of different compositions from self-portraits to still life.


A chance to develop drawing skills while having fun with different ideas for compositions. Themes vary and allow chilren to discover new ideas and concepts in their own way.



Some examples of drawing themes:

  • Animals in Myth and Legend
  • My journey – imagining going on an adventure, and drawing what happens and who you meet.
  • My Family
  • Self-portraits
  • Magic
  • Imagining what is through the door