Have been in the hospital today, so feeling pretty drained, but managed to make this one earlier. I want to continue to do one piece a day if I can. Being creative helps with healing, and it is interesting to see what comes out from the found words - one from each line of a … Continue reading Soundings

Three Red Crosses

Today's work from the Taith Series using found words and collage elements. A random page is taken daily from a charity shop book. Words are removed and rearranged. This is a starting point to begin the documentation of a journey that began at the Equinox. All pieces to be exhibited as part of the Open … Continue reading Three Red Crosses

The First Abstractionists

Two interesting exhibitions in London recently: Hilma Af Klint at the Serpentine Galleries and Georgiana Houghton at the Courtauld Institute of Art. Hilma Af Klint (1862–1944), of Sweden was creating abstract works about five years before Kandinsky. Through her work with the group "The Five,” af Klint created experimental automatic drawing as early as 1896, … Continue reading The First Abstractionists